Planetary Gearbox

This is the standard gearbox that is used on the 360 watt and 500 watt motors. It provides a 9.55:1 reduction.

PLEASE NOTE - this gearbox WILL NOT fit the 650 or 1050 watt motors.

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14 Tooth Freewheel Sprocket
14 Tooth freewheeling sprocket for planetary gearbox. This is the standard sprocket that is supplied with our motor kits.This unit freewheels CLOCKWISE. Please e-mail for CCW version if that's what you need. 20mm inside dia. with 6mm keyway. Designed to fit Cyclone motors.
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Motor Lead
18" battery lead for either the 360 watt or 500 watt brushless motors. One end has a connector that mates with the motor lead, the other end is ready to connect to your battery leads.
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36 Tooth Chainwheel
36 Tooth chainwheel for use with our freewheel crank adaptor. Solid design of hardened steel - chrome plated. This chainwheel is recommended for use with SRAM DualDrive or Rohloff internally geared hubs. We normally recommend the 44 tooth chainwheel below for most applications with either 20" or 26" wheel sizes.
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Throttle Assembly For Cyclone Motors
This is the standard twist-grip throttle for all Cyclone motors. It features an on/off switch and green, orange and red LED's that indicate battery condition. The attached cable is approximately 1 meter long and has a connector that mates with all Cyclone motors.
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44 Tooth Chainwheel
44Tooth chainwheel for use with our freewheel crank adaptor. Solid design of hardened steel - chrome plated. This size is recommended for most applications on bikes with either 20" or 26" wheel sizes.
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Freewheel Crank Adaptor
Freewheel adaptor for use with the chainwheels above and our threaded shoulder crankset. This freewheel has a right-hand thread that is designed to mate with our crankset sold below. Supplied with 5 screws for mounting the chainwheel.
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Cyclone Crankset

This crankset has a 1.37" x 24tpi threaded shoulder on the right crank to accept our freewheel adaptor above. When used with the freewheel adaptor and matching chainring it will allow the motor to drive the chain without the pedals turning. Made of cast aluminum with black painted finish. 170mm length, square taper spindle hole, standard pedal holes. Use your existing pedals with these cranks.
NOTE: Current stock is Chrome - NOT black as shown.

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this item is temporarily out of stock please e-mail for in-stock date

Bottom Bracket Spindle For 360/500 Watt Motors

This square-taper bottom bracket spindle is made with extra length so the cranks will clear both the 360 and 500 watt motors. Supplied with mounting nuts. This is a new design spindle that can work with both 68mm and 73mm bottom bracket shells.

Note: This shaft is designed to work with standard "cup and cone" bearings. It is not designed to work with cartridge bottom bracket units. If you have a cartridge unit, you will need to obtain standard bearings and cones to use this shaft.

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Brake Handles With Motor Cut-Off Switch
These brake handles are direct replacements for most standard handles however they have a safety cut-off switch built in that will stop the motor whenever the brake handle is squeezed. Each handle has a 1 meter long cord that plugs into a connector on the motor. Aluminum, black/silver finish. Sold as a pair.
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Universal Motor Mount Assembly

This is the universal mounting kit for the Cyclone 360 watt and 500 watt motors. It includes the motor bracket, 2 spacers and 2 clamp bars plus all necessary bolts. On many bikes this bracket will just bolt into place. Where that is not possible, this bracket serves as a great starting point and can easily be drilled or otherwise modified to fit your bike.

Note: This mount bracket will not work with the 650 watt or 1000 watt Cyclone scooter motors.

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Motor Idler
Replacement idler for Cyclone motors.
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